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I loved my Nana!  And she loved me!  And when my family and I used to visit her in Queens, NY, she would cook delicious meals and really yummy desserts!  She was an artist and pianist too!  And oh so loving and caring.  And beautiful.  And funny!  She took the time to make each of us feel special, and we also knew that when we visited, it was also going to be about the food!  I miss her and how comfortable and caring it was to be in her presence.


In her honor, it makes me so happy to be able to carry the love and care she helped to instill in me and bring it to the foods we present at Nana's Creative Cafe.

It seems that the Cafe has always been about family, in one way or another.  The prior owner, Lori, of Lori's Creative Cafe, was such a wonderful loving person who treated her staff and customers as her extended family!  It was such an honor to work with her for 8 years and learn from her in so many ways. 


To have the opportunity to expand on all that Lori has already built, and continue to grow and become a strong part of the community means so much to me.


I hope to see you soon. 


Let's go to Nana's!  Are we there yet?!




Rachel Kandel


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